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Premium Advertising rates

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How To Make More People Read Your Advertisement

There are few different ad enhancements that you could do to make more people read your advertisements. Currently some of the enhancements are free.

Here are some of value added enhancements and suggestions.

  • Publish Photographs - a photo is worth thousand words.
  • Publish at the top of the page always - Use "Featured Ads" service.
  • Write Simple Direct Words
  • Advertise for a Longer Duration - 30 days free now

We have monitored number of readers on six ads to help you to understand what we are saying.

They all tell the same message - the ads with photos have a better readership than those without
photos and "Featured Ads" are still better.

How to add photos to your advertisement:

You could upload digital photos when you are submitting your advertisement. If your advertisement is already published you could edit your advertisement and add up to four photos per advertisement. If you want help with taking photographs for your advertisement please send us an email. We will take your photos for a small service fee. It is well worth to show some photos.

How to make your add a "Premium Ad":

The Premium ads will be published in the first page of the website. To show your advertisement as a premium ad simply send us an email indicating your advertisement number.

Premium Advertising rates

Here is proof !

This is the story of the six ads we have monitored, some with photos and some without photos. Two graphs below indicate number of readers viewed these ads over the two week period. We have tested four categories, Lands for Sale, Cars for sale, houses for rent and houses for sale.

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