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Disclaimers and Terms and Conditions of use of SriLankaSale.com

Accessing any part of this web site indicates acceptance of all the terms and conditions described on this page and else where on this web site.

SriLankaSale.com accepts no liability or responsibility for any errors, inaccuracy or omissions in any of the information displayed or transmitted by or through the web site or emails whether automatically generated or not. Nor does SriLankaSale.com accept any responsibility for damages direct consequential or otherwise arising in connection of the use of the whole or any part of this web site or any other information provided.

Advertisers are deems to have accepted all the responsibility for displaying their information, their accuracy and ownership of this information.

The displaying any information of any classifieds advertisement on this web site is not any form of endorsement or recommendation of the same of SriLankaSale.com.

SriLankaSale.com accepts no liability or responsibility for information provided by any other persons or organizations or web sites that may be linked to or mentioned within this web site.

SriLankaSale.com does not under any circumstances accept responsibility for the accuracy or other wise of any advert or message on this web site, nor is any kind of warranty expressed or implied by such publication.

SriLankaSale.com specifically disclaims all and any liability to advertisers, readers and users, of any kind for loss or damage of any nature whatsoever and however arising, whether due to inaccuracy, error, omission or any other cause.

All users, vendors and buyers are advised to check and verify all the information regarding contents of the advertisement, ownership of the items including legal transfer of the ownership. If in doubt all parties are strongly advised to seek legal advice.

SriLankaSale.com reserves the right to edit submissions at its judgment. SriLankaSale.com reserves the right not to publish any advertisement submitted for without providing any reason for the advertiser. This includes all advertisements that are paid for by the advertiser through any of the Sri Lankasale.com agents.

The advertisements that are explicitly categorized as non display items are those with any indecent information, political information, derogatory advertisements, firearms related, gambling equipment, advertisement with unsuitable language as deemed such by Srilankasale.com moderators. Notwithstanding the above the right to publish or not to publish any advertisement is solely at discretion of the SriLankasale.com

Srilankasale.com reserve the right to remove any advertisers double displaying advertisements in unrelated categories. We may also block their e-mail and other contact details being registered with the site again.

1 Apr 2009

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