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We are the BEST Sri Lankan classified website in the world.

We offer several features that make us the best among the Sri Lankan classified websites. Some sites include many old ads, some even do not show when the ads are placed, some are not at all user friendly, some sites are rigid and some sites are not so good.

Here are few reasons why we are the best.

  • Protect Privacy

    We do not display your e-mail address to protect privacy and prevent you getting any junk mails.

  • Publish photographs

    We publish four photos free of charge and extra photos for a nominal fee.

  • Free advertising

    Yes we are absolutely free to publish your ad.

  • Do not publish fake ads

    We screen all advertisements before we publish. So you read 99% genuine ads. Lots of other Sri Lankan websites have fake ads, as well as overseas ads not related to Sri Lanka

  • Top search engine ranked compaire to other Sri Lankan classified web sites

    We are among first page items for “Sri Lanka classifieds”, “Sri lanka Cars”, “Sri Lanka properties” “Sri Lanka Marriage Proposals” on Yahoo and Google Search. (Please Note this may not be the same at all times)

  • Extensive category list

    Yes you can advertise many different types of items with us.

  • We improve our site regularly

    Yes we have made regular improvements to our site, our looks and our system features.

  • Different ad durations

    You could now select 15,30,45 or 60 days to publish your ad with us.

  • Always Improving Hits, Readers and Advertisers

    Our visitors, ads and readers have increased over the months.

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